the food, the bars, the water, the fun.

as close as a walk, a ride, a cruise or a drive.

Surrounding your dockside villa are many ways to fill your days and nights. Walk, ride, cruise or drive - downtown Wilmington’s Historic Riverwalk District and many adjacent beach towns are all close by. Located on the marina property is the Marina Grill, a full service restaurant and bar with delicious dockside delicacies and beverages.

The entertainment options only get better as next door to the marina is the new North Waterfront Park, an expansive riverside entertainment center. At the park are miles of walking trails, plenty of green space and a modern amphitheater where special events and live concerts will offer a flurry of activity.

When living a dockside life along echoes of the calming waters, you can take in the sights, enjoy a quiet evening picnic, hit a café for early morning coffee, browse local galleries, or dine at Wilmington’s finest downtown hotspots.

a cool downtown all year round.