it’s cool to be stranded dockside.

but civilization is steps away.

There is an indescribable feeling that comes from living life over the water inside your very own villa or when stranded dockside hanging out with your seaside neighbors. And when you're looking for a bit more adventure, a bustling downtown or a day on the water awaits just outside your front door.

living life in your own world

that’s life on the dockside.

You never know what life may bring you dockside - cooking out with friends on the only floating community park in North Carolina, taking in July 4th fireworks with the best seat “in the house”, a night of live music, dinner in town or a mix of special events. Stay on-site and chill at The Marina Grill, a cool spot for dock dwellers with amazing drinks and the lure of tasty coastal fare.

That’s life on the dockside. Sounds pretty good or what?

Wilmington. the Port City.

In 2020, the number one city for inbound moves in the United States was none other than Wilmington, North Carolina. A destination where pristine beaches, natural waterways, historical treasures, charismatic seaside towns and waves of nightlife all combine to create a truly coveted seaside destination.

Marina life at it’s finest.

Your port of call is one of the finest marina’s on the east coast, the Port City Marina. Here is where the tune of tight riggings let you know you’ve arrived to an enviable dockside life. This fully protected, modern, full-service deep water marina sits along the banks of the historic Cape Fear River in the heart of downtown Wilmington. The ever-popular Marina Grill is central to creating an unrivaled marina vibe.

sunkissed days. sunset nights.

The sun-touched beaches that surround Wilmington are connected by a lively stretch of intercoastal waterway and joined seamlessly by the waters of the Cape Fear River. This makes for one unique coastal destination. You’ll cherish every sunrise and look forward to every evening sunset that memories are made of.

“A dockside life is a unique way of living
that few can comprehend, of course, until
one experiences the good times, the chill
times and the times of your life.”

Mark and LaDonna
Dockside Villa Owners