Expand resort or vacation home
occupancy with over-the water villas .

Bring a new element of attraction to resort life and vacation home living with the charm and unique character of over-the-water villas, an unmatched vacation living experience.

Over-the-water Villa’s are “a Suite Choice” for Vacationing guests

If you operate a seaside or lakeside resort or are looking for an alternative to traditional vacation home rentals, consider how over-the-water villas can provide a unique addition to guest lodging. These villas are unique two bedroom plans, that can provide ample living space and unique outdoor areas that will amplify the allure of your property and the surrounding tranquil waters.

  • Add-on to existing property, increasing overall value
  • Spacious two bedroom options
  • Open living areas with full kitchens or kitchenette options
  • Private water views on outdoor decks and terrace areas
  • Full size en suite bathrooms
  • Cost-effective construction and custom design options
  • Easy to maintain and built to stringent storm standards

Over-the-water villas are the perfect complement to your property. Vacationing guests will seek out over-the-water villa life as a reason to choose your property as the perfect get-away destination.

over-the-top occupancy

Competition for occupancy at seaside resorts and vacation home communities is fiercer today than ever. Resort owners and vacation home communities are seeking new sources of revenue and a means to increase share in challenging times.

When expanding to increase occupancy there must be a clear differentiated value proposition that will heighten consumer appeal and make the best use of the existing property landscape. Over the water villas may be the answer. Our expert team of dockside villa management and construction experts can help to expand your view and the view of your guests.

Working with Atlantic Dockside Homes

Let's collaborate on how we can enhance property value, increase occupancy and attract new guests to your resort or vacation home community. Our team will help to develop a strategic plan and create a villa design that will complement your property lifestyle to reinvigorate property appeal and attract a new wave of guests.

“Dockside villas add a new dimension to
resort life and vacation home living.
Impeccable design standards are
customized to elevate the waterside
character of your property.”