Dockside communities enhance marina value and revenue.

Bring new life and consistent revenue to your Marina with a
dockside villa community that will transform your seaside view
of slip occupancy.

Transform your docks into a dockside Villa Community

Atlantic Houseboats, the visionary company who developed The Cove in Wilmington, North Carolina, a community of 40 dockside villas, partners with Marina owners to transform their docks into a revenue generating seaside community.

Imagine one or more docks, with a permanent, cool and tranquil community of two bedroom seaside villas that you can sell or lease for permanent residence. A community of dockside villa’s enhances marina value while still allowing you to serve current slip occupancy and transient visitors. Some benefits include:

  • 0% slip differential rates, maximizing dockside villas space
  • New revenue source from villa sales or as a leased community
  • Enhanced marina appeal and value 
  • Increased presence, exposure and traffic 
  • Increased value to the local community

Meeting the challenges of marina ownership

Marina owners face increasing challenges to meet optimal slip occupancy rates and ever-changing regulatory and environmental restrictions. Even when occupancy rates are high, low slip differential rates can have a marked impact on maximizing revenue.

Finding new sources of revenue and keeping up with increasing demand for new marina services often swell the waters surrounding marina management. Add to that the uncertainty that surrounds seasonal transient income.
A dockside villa community can transform marina ownership and add a new source of revenue while increasing the overall appeal of a marina.

Working with Atlantic Houseboats

We are no strangers to the marina business and are the nation’s foremost builders of dockside villas. We would welcome the opportunity to learn more about your marina. We'll work with you to devise a strategic plan to bring a new rhythm to the water that surrounds life at the marina.

“The inviting allure of a dockside life
for those who inhabit these meticulously
designed and impeccably built floating
villas will transform your marina. It
will increase exposure to your property
and, more importantly, create a new,
permanent source of income.”