every little detail considered.

It’s easy for your worries melt away and details to slip by with the changing tides. But, that’s not the case for your builder where skilled designers, craftsman and engineers consider every detail.

Since a dockside villa is a registered vessel by the US Coast Guard, we combined high standards set for coastal home construction with those set by naval engineers. This ensures that all the comforts of your dockside villa stay safe and sound in the confines of any seaside harbor.

Built to the highest safety and storm standards.

Dockside Villas offer a highly valued lifestyle experience where no expense is spared when it comes to assuring construction integrity, safety and lasting quality. 

The first question we get from prospective dockside villa owners is usually about storms and hurricanes. That was one of our first questions too. Suffice to say, we built our villas to be ready for all of mother natures unpredictable behavior.

Working closely with the foremost boat designers, architectural experts and naval engineers, we considered every detail.

construction integrity

  • James Hardie concrete cladding installed over reinforced sheathing
  • Specialized spray foam insulation minimizes utility cost and maximizes protection
  • Tie-down rods, every four feet and along the perimeter enhance structural security
  • Specialty hardware accommodates natural material expansion and contraction
  • ZIP System® sheathing provides an integrated air and water-resistive barrier
  • Modern weatherization process protects against moisture build-up
  • Structural integrity fortified for wind load using closed-cell insulation on outer walls

Stability and
structural engineering

  • Proven floating dock construction and catamaran vessel engineering design
  • Weight distribution and water plane by nation’s top naval engineering firm
  • Comprehensive stability assessment ensures wind load tolerance at all points
  • Supported by 22 separate foam-filed ‘floats” that displace any water penetration
  • A highly stable vessel beam (width) of 18 feet protects against heeling or pitching
  • Multiple tie-down points, reinforced dock plies and steel u-bolts stabilize the villa
  • Docking system naturally adjusts to the most extreme tide changes

Windows, doors, 
electrical and plumbing

  • PGT windows and doors certified to the most stringent hurricane impact codes for Miami-Dade County, Florida
  • Windows and doors include bulked-up weather stripping and water dams
  • Copper door pans and spray insulation prevent wind-driven rain damage
  • Sliding entry doors, magnetic door stops and self-closing cabinets
  • Plumbing and electric systems built to the highest homebuilding standards
  • Eco-friendly blackwater collection and disposal, similar to luxury yacht systems
  • 400 gallon double-walled blackwater tank

Dockside communities enhance marina value and revenue

Partnering with Atlantic Houseboats, the addition of a dockside villa community enhances overall marina value with an immediate increase to slip occupancy and long-term revenue.

Expand resort occupancy with dockside villa suites and vacation homes

Dockside villas are a welcome addition to resort life and vacation home rentals providing a one-of-a-kind retreat for visitors as a means to increase occupancy rates and revenue.